Oznámení o ochraně osobních údajů

Privacy Notice

The privacy notice below, explained below, explains how we can collect and use the information you provide. This privacy notice applies only to information gathered online through our web site that expressly accept and display or refer to this privacy notice and are owned or operated by us.

We believe that your privacy on the internet is very important. The privacy statement below describes existing policies and practices with respect to personal data collected through websites, to the extent that such personal data is protected by applicable European law on personal data protection. The term “personal information” refers to information about your person from which you can identify yourself or are identifiable, such as your name, postal address, e-mail address or telephone number, and information on how you use our services. This privacy notice also provides details of other information we collect, such as using cookies or other technologies that may not personally identify you.

1. What information do we collect and how do we use this information?

Personal information collected through our website

You may use our website to obtain additional information or to provide purchase of services. When you purchase our services or otherwise require information or otherwise deal with us, we may collect information about you, including your personal information, such as your name, postal address, email address, telephone number and payment details, and your purchase information, request or query.

Use of personal data

Information we learn from our customers helps us adapt and continually improve your ability to work with our website and also helps us improve the service we provide.

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • We may use your personal information to contact you when necessary or appropriate, for example, if you have a question about one of our services;
  • We can contact you to inform you of the new services we provide;
    We may send you information about other services that we believe will be of interest to you;
    We can send you the required information about our services;
  • We may use your personal information to fulfill your orders, to respond to any complaints and / or to provide any required service;
  • We may use your personal information to generate statistical data on the use of our websites and services;
  • We may use your personal information internally to help us improve our services.

We will only require data that is relevant, relevant and not excessive for these purposes.


Automatically collected data through our website

In addition to the information we collect as described above, we use technology to automatically collect information about the use of our website. For example, our web server automatically records which pages of our websites our visitors view, their IP addresses, and which web browsers our visitors use. This technology allows us to compile aggregate information about our visitors and how they use our website. Our website contains hyperlinks to other sites. We can use technology to track how often these links are used and which pages on our site our visitors choose to view. This technology allows us to learn more about using these hyperlinks.

We will also use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and manage our website. An IP address is a numeric code that identifies your computer on a network or, in this case, on the Internet. Your IP address is also used to get broader demographic information (such as your approximate location, such as your city or state). We can also search for an IP address to see which domain you are coming from in order to more accurately assess the demographics of our users.

Cookies and other technologies

In order to collect the data described in the previous paragraph, we use “cookies” like most websites. The cookie is little information that is sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Learn more about cookies and how to change your settings to clear or reject cookies.

2. Communication of your personal information

We do not share, sell or indemnify your personal information unless otherwise specified in this privacy notice, and in the following limited circumstances:

Your personal information may be used to provide you with information about the services you have requested, or information about services or questions that we believe may be of interest to you.
We may share, transmit or disclose information to comply with a statutory requirement, to perform justice, interact with anti-fraud databases, protect your vital interests, protect the security, or integrity of our databases or platforms to take action in relation to legal liability. We will inform you of any such transmission or communication as required by law.

If it is reasonable, we will endeavor to contractually require a third party to provide appropriate precautions, as well as organizational measures and security rules to protect such data and comply with its confidentiality obligations and applicable laws.

3. How to link to other sites?

We can add external links to other related websites. We are not responsible for the content of what may be on these linked sites. The existence of any external link does not imply that we agree with the content posted on the linked site. We encourage you to read the privacy policy and terms of use of these linked sites.

4. Will this Privacy Notice change?

We are constantly improving our communication methods and adding new features and features to our platform and existing services. Because of these ongoing changes, regulatory changes, and the changing nature of the technology, our data practices will change from time to time. Therefore, we encourage you to frequently check for any updates on this page. If our data practices change, we will notify you and the local privacy authority about the changes if required by law.

5. How can I make sure that the information that concerns me and which you keep on me is accurate and up-to-date?

Upon receipt of your written request and sufficient information to enable us to identify your personal information, we will let you know what personal data we hold about you for which we may charge a fee up to the maximum permitted by applicable law. We will also correct, add or delete any personal information that is inaccurate. You can update all the information you have provided us by contacting us at the addresses below. If you do not tell us to delete your personal information, it will be retained for as long as it will be necessary to meet the purpose (s) for which it was collected. Requests for the deletion of personal data are subject to all valid statutory and ethical reporting obligations or retention obligations of the documents that have been deposited with us.

6. Will you transfer my information abroad?

If you visit our website from a different country than our server (currently in the Czech Republic), different communications will necessarily result in the transfer of information across international borders. However, we will always handle your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Notice. By using our website and by communicating electronically with us, you consent to the transmission of your personal information as described in this point 6.

7. What kind of security rules is used to protect my information?

We use appropriate technical and organizational security policies and we strive to ensure that any third party processing our personal data on our behalf will use appropriate technical and organizational security policies to protect your personal data from unauthorized or unlawful processing and from accidental loss, damage.

8. Contact us if you have any questions.

We welcome your comments on this privacy notice. If you have any questions about this privacy statement or any part of our services, you can contact us by email at info@penzionulazni.cz or by writing to us at Penzion U lázní, Komenského 641 , 788 15 Velké Losiny.

This document was last updated 19. 5. 2018.